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The GlobalStar organization is made up of a dedicated team of professionals situated at the most strategic places throughout the world. The GlobalStar team is intensely supported by the partners to work together on a global level to provide overall strategy and direction.

What makes our structure unique is the “Partner Ownership Principle”, which is based on a common strategy and firm commitments but leaves the decision-making power for all customer-relevant issues where it belongs at the agency level, where the customer relationships are maintained and the services are provided.

How Do We Work With Globalstar?

What is Globalstar Travel Management?

GlobalStar is a worldwide travel management company owned and managed by local entrepreneurs. Over 85 market-leading enterprises, representing over US$13 billion in sales, combine their local expertise, strength, and commitment with our global organization to deliver cohesive, multinational solutions through an innovative technology platform.


How do partners work together?

GlobalStar is organized into four main regions: North America, Latin America, EMEA, and Asia/Pacific, with head offices in New Jersey, USA. Each region is supervised and managed by an experienced board of directors, representing the shareholding partners in each region. The regional boards work together to provide overall strategy, and direction, and maintain consistent levels of service. Clients benefit from the partners’ strong focus on global account management and a single lead agency’s global, overall control. Whenever necessary, this point of contact then harnesses GlobalStar’s central resources and collective strength, with partners developing and sharing best practices. GlobalStar agencies are linked together through innovative travel and information management technology.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing us?

How does Globalstar Benefit Clients?

GlobalStar partners develop and share practices while supporting an overall commitment to innovative technology and customer service. Clients receive consistent service wherever they travel because partners are bound by a common code of conduct, technology standards, global account management, and service level agreements. By keeping in close contact with clients, partners clearly understand their travel management needs and help achieve their objectives. This long-term commitment to a highly collaborative, yet focused structure provides numerous advantages to clients, including a collective buying power of over $5 billion, data management, and consistent, excellent service. Clients experience significant cost savings from such substantial buying power, smart supplier management, and tools like FareStar.


Information Distribution to our Clients.

At Travelshoppe we believe that keeping our clients informed is very important. Such information ranges from our supplier – airlines, hotels/Lodges, etc. Information on promotional fares and tour packages, information relating to the Hospitality industry eg. Updates on airports, airlines, visa issues, immigration requirements, etc to effectively relay this information we send out e-shots to our clients. Newsflashes – We regularly send out at least 1 mailshot in a month, focusing on travel (promotional fares, airline related information) and tours (advising clients on special packages and tourism-related information) Special Newsflashes – other than the 2 above we send additional news flashes when you have special packages that would be of interest to clients.

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